Good or God? How to Tell the Difference

It’s a brand new year, folks!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of things, thanks to everyone who has followed me on this journey of learning and un-learning. God has been truly awesome, and I’m super excited about what is to come.


“It doesn’t matter how good something looks, how happy it makes you, how much fun it is, how rich and successful you’ll become, how deeply spiritual it appears, how sensible it seems, how popular or accepted it is—and the list goes on and on. If something is contrary to the wisdom of God, it will ultimately be detrimental and bring sorrow to your life.” – John Bevere, Author of Good or God? Why Good without God Isn’t Enough. (Stolen from a friend’s Facebook page 🙂 )

In January 2015, I wrote an article for called Mr. Right vs Mr Right Now? In summary, I reflected on this complicated thing called relationships, and how waiting for the right guy can be ridiculously Continue reading