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Ify Halim: Can People Really Change?  (13/11/15)

From awkward introvert to passionate advocate, check out my personal testimony.


5 Principles of Failure That Work Every Time (04/07/15)

Please, all this talk of wanting success and all just has to end. It’s time to face the facts. Life still continues even when you choose to take a backseat, so why not enjoy the ride in the slow lane?  We all know that not everyone can come first in class…

Q&A with Pastors Paul and Ifeanyi Adefarasin at HOTR Singles Summit (Part 1) (15/08/15)

I got the privilege of sitting in on what was truly a phenomenal event.  Part 2 of this post is a must-read as well

15 Signs That You Are in a Happy and Healthy Relationship (17/10/15)

Are you in a relationship? Or are you questioning the nature of a new or longtime friendship? If yes, then this article is for you.

Nigerian Lectures at Harvard University With No Degree (22/05/15)

Believe it or not, a Nigerian woman has lectured at Harvard University without a formal degree to call her own. Her name is Nike Davies-Okundaye, the founder of the Nike Art Gallery in Lekki, Lagos.

5 Powerful Secrets to Killing the Habit of Procrastination (21/05/15)

Procrastination is a highly counterproductive habit that can lead to catastrophic results, if not put in check. These results include – but are certainly not limited to – a completely disorganised day, high level of stress and awkward dealings with…

How to Deal with Mistakes in Life (20/03/15)

Potato chips are the products of a frustrated chef’s action in a restaurant’s  kitchen, back in the 1800s. A difficult customer kept sending back his fried potatoes along with complaints of them being too thick. His response was…

What Nigerian Women Think About Surrogacy (08/06/15)

It’s interesting to see that people in Western countries are steadily embracing the concept of surrogacy. Celebrities have also given it their stamp of approval too, with stars like…

7 Things You Must Do Before the New Year Begins (31/12/15)

Congratulations! You made it to the end of 2015. 2016 is only a few hours away already, and now is the time to cross your Ts and dot your Is before stepping into what will hopefully be a better year for all of us.

4 Enlightening Lessons from the Easter Celebration (03/04/15)

The Easter Weekend officially begins today, and while it’s a welcomed holiday for many worker bees around the world, it’s also a time of reflection for Christians on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

How to Choose the Perfect Career (26/03/15)

Are you a young person entering the job market? Are you currently employed but seeking a career shift? If yes, this article is a must-read for you.

How to Choose the Perfect Mentor (11/03/15)

So you’ve set out on a solo journey to the Promised Land – that big business or career aspiration of yours – and all seems to be going well from your vantage point. However, even the Israelites needed Moses to show them the way to Canaan, and so do you.


Up Close and Personal with True African Gem, Bilikiss Adebiyi Abiola (13/10/15)

Bilikiss’s efforts at killing two birds with one stone are truly remarkable, tackling the issues of waste management and unemployment in low-income communities through seemingly unconventional means…

True African Gems: Ndidi Nwuneli, Feeding Africa and Empowering Leaders (25/11/15)

Beneath Ndidi Nwuneli’s petite frame, femininity and pleasant charm is a strong lion’s heart set on change. For years, she has successfully contributed towards solving some of the major problems Africans face daily – malnutrition and poor governance.

True African Gems: Prince Adu-Appiah, A Problem Solver Transforming Africa (24/08/15)

On a continent with billions of problems, a young Ghanaian visionary has made it his life’s mission to solve them all.  Prince Adu-Appiah is well on his way to empowering millions of Africans to become change agents in their various communities through development projects on his platform, 1Billion Africa (1BA)…

True African Gems: Chude Jideonwo, an Entrepreneur Working for a New Nigeria (12/08/15)

Chude Jideonwo discusses what true success is: “leaving a mark that will outlive you in ways that possessions, awards or titles can’t.”

Thelma Ekiyor: A Determined Change Agent and True African Gem (25/05/15)

Thelma Ekiyor shines as a beacon of hope in a seemingly dark world of insecurity. As a development practitioner, she has held important leadership positions in several institutions including the West Africa Civil Society in Ghana…

True African Gems: Meet Clemantine Wamariya, A Daring Rwandan Storyteller (12/05/15)

Not many people have the ability to inspire a generation like Clemantine Wamariya. The celebrated public speaker and Yale University graduate has successfully turned experiences as a refugee in eight African countries…

True African Gems: Ihotu Amuta’s Journey of Self Discovery and Women Empowerment (27/04/15)

Ihotu Amuta is a multi-talented lady set on changing lives in Nigeria, with a special interest in promoting female entrepreneurship. Professionally, she holds a senior coordinating role within the Gemstone Nation Builders Network…  

True African Gems: Tayo Rockson’s Inspiring Story of Making A Difference In The World (14/04/15)

Meet Tayo Rockson, a young man on a mission to transform the world as we know it. He has done more in his twenties than most people twice his age

5 Career Lessons From A True African Gem, Filmmaker Victor Aghahowa (16/03/15)

In an industry known for poorly produced cliché plots, Victor Aghaghowa is among the few who consistently create film “art” for a fan base of thousands.

True African Gems: Nigerian Musician Femi Leye (02/03/15)

2014 was a special year in the life of young Afro-jazz musician, Femi Leye. It was the year of Smile’s release, a hit single with soulful guitar riffs that stole the hearts of many in my home country, Nigeria.


His Best vs. The Counterfeit (01/01/15)

Israel wanted a King. Yes God had been there for her, delivered her from slavery, rained down bread from heaven for her, fought for her in battle on several occasions and all that good stuff.


The Purpose Monologues #3: Running Your Race (14/02/15)

Life is a marathon. That statement’s been running through my mind (no pun intended) this season as I plan for the future.

The Purpose Monologue #2: In Pursuit of Happiness (05/01/15)

I’ve been alive for a little over two decades now, but I’ve never really taken the time to search for the meaning of the word “happiness” until today.

The Purpose Monologues #1: The Concept Of Purpose (25/11/14)

As a little girl, my mind was my playground and my imagination was that one toy I didn’t have to share with anyone.


7 Lessons Learnt at 21 (24/08/14)

Lessons from what had to be the most intense year of my life.


OUR STORIES INC (04/14-11/14)

Our Stories Inc. is an online collection of stories told with my creative friends through the art forms of writing, poetry and photography.


Underground Racism: Where Do We Go From Here? (03/10/12)

The ‘Racist lady on a UK tram’ video was one of the most controversial YouTube videos of 2011.



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