A Conversation With God About Jollof Rice and Rejection

‘How can I hear from God?”

It’s a question friends and acquaintances have asked, I’ve asked, and clearly millions of people around the world too with books like Joyce Meyers How to Hear From God making bestseller lists time and time again.

The reason behind this our curiosity really isn’t that farfetched though ’cause life likes too dish out her share of crossroad moments every now and then.  I will never forget nights spent in my room waiting on God to say something… ANYTHING… about what my life’s Continue reading


Getting Off My Rollercoaster – Anonymous

A few weeks ago, a close friend – who has to be one of the most animated people I know – shared a tell-all and asked me to feature it here. “To help people,” she said casually.  I think my love and admiration for her quadrupled, if that’s even possible.

Hope you’re as inspired as I was! 


If you do not already experience wild and unpredictable changes in your life, I am sorry to be the bearer of reality but you will sooner or later.

My rollercoaster started taking its toll on me right about this time last year, and for the most part, I managed to deal with it the best way I knew how. Depending on the situation that arose, I would either confront it firsthand, endure it or simply eat-it-out Continue reading

Good or God? How to Tell the Difference

It’s a brand new year, folks!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of things, thanks to everyone who has followed me on this journey of learning and un-learning. God has been truly awesome, and I’m super excited about what is to come.


“It doesn’t matter how good something looks, how happy it makes you, how much fun it is, how rich and successful you’ll become, how deeply spiritual it appears, how sensible it seems, how popular or accepted it is—and the list goes on and on. If something is contrary to the wisdom of God, it will ultimately be detrimental and bring sorrow to your life.” – John Bevere, Author of Good or God? Why Good without God Isn’t Enough. (Stolen from a friend’s Facebook page 🙂 )

In January 2015, I wrote an article for ThePrayingWoman.com called Mr. Right vs Mr Right Now? In summary, I reflected on this complicated thing called relationships, and how waiting for the right guy can be ridiculously Continue reading

5 Hard Lessons, Straight From The Sun

Now, this probably isn’t news to anyone, but  A LOT has been going on in Nigeria lately as the year slowly comes to an end. Maybe it’s the “-ember” months myth in play here, I don’t know, but politicians are acting up (more than usual), people are losing their jobs, salaries are not being paid and someone is being robbed or kidnapped every other day, which is quite discomforting.

Personally, I’ve had my own share of challenges in November, and can’t say I’m sad to see the month go by. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, from being upset to  Continue reading

An Open Love Letter to a Transgendered Teen

Note: Please read the disclaimer all the way at the end afterwards 🙂


Dear Jazz,


Photo credit: Aceshowbiz

I hope this meets you well.

We have never met, and probably never will. And yet, there is so much about you I think I already know.

I know what it’s like to be a 15 year old full of dreams, hopes and aspirations of a better future ahead. I also know what it’s like to feel lost and misunderstood, and in need of unadulterated acceptance from those around you. I’m a full grown adult, and yet, these thoughts still flood my mind every now and again, but there’s a major difference now, one I’d like to share with you at this time, if you would let me….

Continue reading

Growing “Down”

girl tree“They” refer to our generation as the Indomie Generation. Instant gratification is the name of the game, with many of us wanting it all – success, money, sex, power, love and others – “now now” in our race against that imaginary clock that ticks away in the background. As for me, I can’t even front ’cause I have my guilty moments of indulging in the madness of it all. I’m a lot more patient than I used to be undoubtedly – Baba God has trained me well – but every now and again, waiting for stuff to happen in this my so-called race just seems long. “I want to fly, Mama Bird,” knowing fully well that my wings are half formed and there’s still so much to be done.

We all know what happens to birds that leave the nest too soon.

Now I promise you I’m not losing it… Continue reading

The Story Behind ‘True African Gems’

I have good news! *big grin*edufrica

So two months ago, I started writing for a column on Edufrica (an online platform for young African students) called True African Gems. And I have to say, the experience so far has been phenomenal. So phenomenal that I just had to share about it.

True African Gems is a bi-weekly series of profile feature articles on Africans with success stories to tell (complete with challenges and all) and unique, well-rounded personalities. On a light note, they’ve all been men so far (don’t ask me why lol). But the next edition will feature an awesome lady and friend, so stay tuned.

The motivation behind TAG is to inspire Edufrica’s young readers – probably between the ages of 16 and 25, in my mind – to pursue their dreams and aspirations. They get to see that goals can be achieved when you put your mind to it, and pick up great lessons on how to do so along the way. I see it as my way of investing in young lives ‘cause Lord knows I would probably have avoided certain mistakes if I had taking the time to read study people’s success stories back then. Continue reading