A Conversation With God About Jollof Rice and Rejection

‘How can I hear from God?”

It’s a question friends and acquaintances have asked, I’ve asked, and clearly millions of people around the world too with books like Joyce Meyers How to Hear From God making bestseller lists time and time again.

The reason behind this our curiosity really isn’t that farfetched though ’cause life likes too dish out her share of crossroad moments every now and then.  I will never forget nights spent in my room waiting on God to say something… ANYTHING… about what my life’s Continue reading


Revelations (An Easter Sunday Musing)

Once upon a time, on a small island in the middle of the sea, I wrote the words FIRST CLASS in bright, bold letters and stuck the sign by my bed for months on end.

It was my second year at uni, and my grades weren’t doing as well as I would have liked. No matter how hard I tried to crack “the code of the First”, I just was not getting it.

So I prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more.

And He came Continue reading

Why I Stopped Reading Devotionals – Tunji O.

Read on for insights from a good friend of mine, Tunji…


I can remember the numerous times when I left a church program feeling like I’d been reading the wrong bible (I highly doubt I’m alone here).

“Hmm, the Holy Spirit must be doing ojoro,” I would safely conclude.  I could not understand why I wasn’t discovering revelations so deep on my own.

Then one day, while I was reading a Christian book, it struck me. I realized I had been depending on daily devotionals for far too long.  It dawned on me that I was badly malnourished, and so, I set out to correct this problem.

Imagine entering a restaurant feeling very hungry, and leaving after taking Continue reading

Good or God? How to Tell the Difference

It’s a brand new year, folks!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of things, thanks to everyone who has followed me on this journey of learning and un-learning. God has been truly awesome, and I’m super excited about what is to come.


“It doesn’t matter how good something looks, how happy it makes you, how much fun it is, how rich and successful you’ll become, how deeply spiritual it appears, how sensible it seems, how popular or accepted it is—and the list goes on and on. If something is contrary to the wisdom of God, it will ultimately be detrimental and bring sorrow to your life.” – John Bevere, Author of Good or God? Why Good without God Isn’t Enough. (Stolen from a friend’s Facebook page 🙂 )

In January 2015, I wrote an article for ThePrayingWoman.com called Mr. Right vs Mr Right Now? In summary, I reflected on this complicated thing called relationships, and how waiting for the right guy can be ridiculously Continue reading

What Lagos Traffic Taught Me About Christmas


*whispers* ‘Twas the night before Christmas … 🙂

Amidst all the Christmas cheer that this season brings, God has laid some pretty heavy stuff on my heart that I’d like to share with you at this time.

It all started last weekend, in the middle of what had to be the worst traffic jam I’d been in all year round. I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff on our Lagos roads, but almost TWO HOURS is madness, and all in the name of going to see friends at the mall – love you guys! Quite frankly, I was pissed. Continue reading

Walking By Faith When Nothing Makes Sense


Seeing  the Promised Land is easy, but when impossibilities stare you down and life’s many puzzle pieces stop making sense, it’s no surprise that feelings of anxiety and fear creep in when least expected.

You want to build an empire and yet, you find yourself managing pocket change just to make ends meet.

You’re looking for your charming  Prince or Princess but find yourself surrounded by frogs. Continue reading

When Life Seems Messy

If Ms. Backspace could speak ehn…

My loving frenemy would reveal that I can write and delete for Africa when I have “proper time” to myself. She’d say I sometimes amend over and over again till a piece reaches that stage of perfection – the “ghen-ghen stage” – when I know it’s ready to be read and enjoyed or absorbed by anyone who comes across it.

I can’t fault her though. The Number 1 rule of creative writing is to let words flow out before editing. I, on the other hand, Continue reading