Getting Off My Rollercoaster – Anonymous

A few weeks ago, a close friend – who has to be one of the most animated people I know – shared a tell-all and asked me to feature it here. “To help people,” she said casually.  I think my love and admiration for her quadrupled, if that’s even possible.

Hope you’re as inspired as I was! 


If you do not already experience wild and unpredictable changes in your life, I am sorry to be the bearer of reality but you will sooner or later.

My rollercoaster started taking its toll on me right about this time last year, and for the most part, I managed to deal with it the best way I knew how. Depending on the situation that arose, I would either confront it firsthand, endure it or simply eat-it-out Continue reading


Why I Stopped Reading Devotionals – Tunji O.

Read on for insights from a good friend of mine, Tunji…


I can remember the numerous times when I left a church program feeling like I’d been reading the wrong bible (I highly doubt I’m alone here).

“Hmm, the Holy Spirit must be doing ojoro,” I would safely conclude.  I could not understand why I wasn’t discovering revelations so deep on my own.

Then one day, while I was reading a Christian book, it struck me. I realized I had been depending on daily devotionals for far too long.  It dawned on me that I was badly malnourished, and so, I set out to correct this problem.

Imagine entering a restaurant feeling very hungry, and leaving after taking Continue reading