A Conversation With God About Jollof Rice and Rejection

‘How can I hear from God?”

It’s a question friends and acquaintances have asked, I’ve asked, and clearly millions of people around the world too with books like Joyce Meyers How to Hear From God making bestseller lists time and time again.

The reason behind this our curiosity really isn’t that farfetched though ’cause life likes too dish out her share of crossroad moments every now and then.  I will never forget nights spent in my room waiting on God to say something… ANYTHING… about what my life’s purpose was. Or when I was torn between what university to go to. I eventually put out a fleece (Bible-talk for “God, if you want me to do, let Y happen) and patiently waited for any “sign” I could get a hold of that could point out the way.

It seemed to work but that was right until a series of unfortunate events cost me my admission.

So the next thing was to pray ‘ God, lead me to the university you would want me to go to.’ That was right after weeks and weeks of crying my eyes out at what felt like the end of the world.

Nothing was actually ‘said’ when I think about it, but I ended up at a uni in a tiny bubble town on the countryside months later. It was here that my relationship with God skyrocketed, here that I met amazing people and got the degree of my dreams. And it was here that I found myself waiting in the middle of the night, asking about my life’s purpose. A question most people don’t even think to ask till they are way in their forties.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way – Psalm 37:23

(See what I did there.. Expert Dot Connector *wink* LOL! )

Years later, God has schooled me on this concept of “searching/asking for His will” that the Church has somehow misconstrued, something I will share here in the future. But not today. Today is about jollof rice and a random conversation I had with Him over this delicious Nigerian delicacy.

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We’re in a relationship with God, right? So it’s only fair that some sort of dialogue should go on between us to keep things going. I believe God’s spirit speaks to His kids all the time, our problem usually being the issue of “hearing” or tuning in.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me (John 10:27)

Experiences differ, but I’m getting the hang of what has been some amazing dialogue with my Father. While some conversations are deep and thought-provoking, others can be pretty fun and lighthearted.

Case in point, this conversation I had earlier last week:

***Ify gets rejected… for what feels like the millionth time***

God: What’s the matter?

He sometimes starts off with an obvious question…

Me: (grumbling) Hmm, I’m not sure how much of this rejection I can take again o…

God: Have you considered that maybe they’re just not into jollof rice?

So at this point, I’m confused…

God: People don’t have to accept everything offered to them, whether it makes sense to you or not. If they like fried rice, why should they say yes to your jollof rice?

Me: (laughs) But the stress of cooking the jollof rice nko?

Last line was just me being silly, don’t mind me 🙂


Maybe you stumbled across this post in search of answers on how to hear from God. You have a major decision and aren’t sure what to do and where to turn. Or maybe you’d just like to hear Him speak; assurance that you havent been praying to an imaginary being all this time. I pray that my testimonies, no matter how lighthearted they seem, do help to build your faith up and get you to hear from Him crystal clearly in Jesus name.

A few pointers to help…

  • Believe that He can  speak to you.
  • Believe He wants to speak to you.
  • Believe you can hear Him speak
  • Spend time in His word to recognise His voice
  • Know that what He says verbally can NEVER contradict what He’s penned down in the Bible. That’s why some people believe there’s no point seeking the ‘voice’ in the first place. ‘All you need to hear from Him is directly or indirectly in His love letter anyways.’

Over to you guys. What are your thoughts on hearing from God? Care to share a conversation you’ve had with Him? Let’s gist below…


Photo credit: Wikimedia



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