Getting Off My Rollercoaster – Anonymous

A few weeks ago, a close friend – who has to be one of the most animated people I know – shared a tell-all and asked me to feature it here. “To help people,” she said casually.  I think my love and admiration for her quadrupled, if that’s even possible.

Hope you’re as inspired as I was! 


If you do not already experience wild and unpredictable changes in your life, I am sorry to be the bearer of reality but you will sooner or later.

My rollercoaster started taking its toll on me right about this time last year, and for the most part, I managed to deal with it the best way I knew how. Depending on the situation that arose, I would either confront it firsthand, endure it or simply eat-it-out (LOL! Yes, I gained an awful amount of weight).

This year started off quite well. My ‘’rollercoaster’’ seemed to have stopped for a minute until mid-March when I realised that this time, it was on another level. Different situation, different difficulty level, different space in my life. This time, the ride was rougher, tougher and I searched for someone to hold onto because I was getting ‘’consumed’’ psychologically and emotionally.


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I understand that the best way to deal with my issues is by expressing how I feel and what I think about the situation; it helps me a whole lot and yes, the person I express myself to has to be someone of character and a deep sense of reasoning.

But for some reason, whenever I was done painstakingly explaining these issues to my ‘confidant’, another would come up, and the wound that seemed to have been healed from the last session would hurt even more.


It has been two months since my last dilemma, and I suddenly realise that the reason why these rollercoasters never seem to stop is because I am yet to understand that problems don’t define me or my outcome. They should not decide how I feel, my value, my thought process or prevent me from being the best version of myself everyday.

So I made a promise to myself that every situation that I experience is another opportunity to learn and become better. Also, I know I have to work on my weaknesses, and make myself understand that it’s okay to be vulnerable in difficult circumstances. It brings strength and will help speed up my learning process.



I have also learnt to listen more because there is always noteworthy information in every jargon and finally, to communicate smarter. It’s not about how well or how frequently I communicate with my team or clients, but how much impact I leave and gain from the communication and for me, That’s the real meaning of effective communication.

The truth is one’s roller coaster is bound to take a toll on the person, but we must realise that its essence is never to define us, but to mould us into stronger and more valuable individuals.


Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters

Wherever you will call me

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made stronger

In the presence of my Saviour.

…. Hillsong’s Oceans



Question:What have you learnt from your emotional rollercoaster (past or present)?


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10 thoughts on “Getting Off My Rollercoaster – Anonymous

  1. Me answering my own question here lol.

    A is so right. Emotional rollercoasters are part and parcel of this life we’ve signed up for. There will be ups and some serious downs, but it’s comforting to know that I never have to go through them alone. When life gets crazy, and I reach out to Him, He always provides help – words of comfort will come from the bible, a book, a song, a conversation or even friends just to help me get through among other things.

    And ultimately, there’s also the understanding that EVERY THING works together for my good, even the bad. I don’t believe that God brings suffering our way to “humble’ us. What He does is work out these problems put on us by fallen Man and a fallen world, so that they’re to our benefit.

    Now that I think about it, I’ve talked about this here;

    Hope this helps someone.

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    • Hi Ify,

      I’m reminded of a song by Mary J. Blige- “In each tear, there’s a lesson”.

      Life will have its ups and downs, the dark times teach us to appreciate the bright times. The dark times remind us that we cannot do it all on our own. I find that the awareness of God’s unconditional love creates that mindset that both dark and bright will work together in one’s favour.

      But it’s not always easy to stay calm during roller coaster rides. 🙂


      • “God’s unconditional love reminds us that both dark and bright will work together in one’s favour”.

        This! 🙂

        We can be so busy swimming in the ocean that is God’s love that all we see is water (His love). Even when bad times come.

        Thanks Nedu!

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  2. What I’ve learned and still learning from emotional roller coasters are
    A) Stop making assumptions and work on communicating better
    B) Stop Stop procrastinating
    C) Nothing is too trivial to talk to God about. Getting to that point where I can tell him exactly how I feel and not just assuming he knows what I’m going through.

    There would be some roller coasters in life, but one doesn’t always have to Wade through alone.

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    • Hi Tamie,

      I love the way that you put this. 🙂

      Indeed, nothing is too trivial to lay before God. Often times, we assume that it’s only the big battles that are befitting for God’s intervention, forgetting that small battles have a way of piling up into a big one that finally overwhelms us.

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    • Hey Tamie,

      Thanks for sharing your lessons dear. I think pprocrastinating is something I’m personally dealing with too. The way time is flying by these days, it’s definitely worth nipping in the bud pretty soon.

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