Why I Stopped Reading Devotionals – Tunji O.

Read on for insights from a good friend of mine, Tunji…


I can remember the numerous times when I left a church program feeling like I’d been reading the wrong bible (I highly doubt I’m alone here).

“Hmm, the Holy Spirit must be doing ojoro,” I would safely conclude.  I could not understand why I wasn’t discovering revelations so deep on my own.

Then one day, while I was reading a Christian book, it struck me. I realized I had been depending on daily devotionals for far too long.  It dawned on me that I was badly malnourished, and so, I set out to correct this problem.

Imagine entering a restaurant feeling very hungry, and leaving after taking the appetizer alone. Would that suffice? Ask an Ekiti man to make do with pineapple glazed turkey wings, and watch him kick you without serious pounded yam coming after.

In that same vein, my hungry self found daily devotionals inadequate to be my main course. At best, they were in most cases just appetizers. So my solution to this was to spend more time devoted each week to studying the Bible for myself. It didn’t have to be consecutive hours, the study just had to be substantial and provide me with valid interpretations.


Credit: Unity In The Truth Blog


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Later on, I soon found that the number of hours spent didn’t correlate to the valid interpretations I was getting. Alas, there was then the  problem of not knowing how to study the bible well enough in the first place – how to separate a narrative from a letter, how to do sound exegesis and hermeneutics. The technical stuff. I was determined to learn the basics of bible interpretation, to completely wean myself off from total dependency on others’ revelations.

Several months have now passed. I’m not perfect, but I like the trajectory so far, and it can only get better.

Now here’s the whole point to this:

Despite our busy work schedules in trying to get our daily bread, never forget the Bread of life.

With a total of 168 hours in a week, using a substantial fraction towards bible study wouldn’t be amiss. Getting to know what His word was for them (people recorded in the Bible) and what it means to us, that should be our ultimate goal.

Let’s reflect on this verse and desire to make a change:

 “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.”

2 Timothy 3:16-17 



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5 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Reading Devotionals – Tunji O.

  1. *are* I have read it.

    Wow! Tunji, this was a great read. I had always depended on devotionals until Dec 31, 2015 when I gave out my brand new 2016 devotional as a gift. (I was actually led to do that). Eversince, I’ve had a reason to get one.

    Although that’s what we (family morning devotion) study to pray together at home, I have to borrow my brother’s when it’s my turn to “preach”.

    Sometimes, a Christian needs his own PERSONAL revelation of the WORD of GOD.

    Loved this piece.
    Ify, thanks for having Tunji. 🙂



    • Yes Amaka, keyword being “personal”. At the end of the day, it’s a relationship with God and you have to know Him and His word for yourself at some point.

      Thanks for sharing your story. I think mine was similar. Just had a lot of questions I couldn’t find answered in the devotionals I was reading.


  2. Lol @ ” watch him kick you without serious pounded yam coming after.”

    I can relate with this, devotionals can give one a false sense of completeness as far as the digesting the contents of bible is concerned, when in reality it is made up of only snippets.

    I agree with Amaka, a Christian needs to find God by themselves rather than depend solely on another person’s revelation.

    Thank you for sharing Tunji’s piece. 🙂


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