The Story Behind ‘True African Gems’

I have good news! *big grin*edufrica

So two months ago, I started writing for a column on Edufrica (an online platform for young African students) called True African Gems. And I have to say, the experience so far has been phenomenal. So phenomenal that I just had to share about it.

True African Gems is a bi-weekly series of profile feature articles on Africans with success stories to tell (complete with challenges and all) and unique, well-rounded personalities. On a light note, they’ve all been men so far (don’t ask me why lol). But the next edition will feature an awesome lady and friend, so stay tuned.

The motivation behind TAG is to inspire Edufrica’s young readers – probably between the ages of 16 and 25, in my mind – to pursue their dreams and aspirations. They get to see that goals can be achieved when you put your mind to it, and pick up great lessons on how to do so along the way. I see it as my way of investing in young lives ‘cause Lord knows I would probably have avoided certain mistakes if I had taking the time to read study people’s success stories back then. Continue reading